Communications & Marketing

Crafting the perfect status, avoiding the unsubscribe, cutting through the clutter. This is the reality of communicating in a world competing for attention. At PAR, we are attention grabbers.



Top Priority

Communication comes in many forms: social media, broadcast email, direct mail, web conferencing,publications, web presence, and telephone - VOIP, cell, or even rotary. Identifying these tools, staying focused as they change, and bring the best to our associations in our top priority.

An association's marketing plan is its blueprint for success.

Sure we can handle the basics- brand standards, websites, newsletters. But associations have specialized marketing needs and we are the specialists. We understand that when it comes to association and event marketing, it's also important to engage your members, maintain live social media management, actively recruit membership, fulfill sponsorship plans, and produce high-quality event photography.

Communications & Marketing

Social Media Management

Mobile Communications

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Broadcast Email

Direct Mail


Website Maintenance & Management

Web Conferencing

Project Management Software

Dedicated Phone Lines

Same Day Response

Live Phone Answering - a real, live person on the other end!