Meeting and Conference Planning

It's hardly a revelation that professionals have less time to engage in face-to-face interactions.



Valuable Interactive Opportunities

Their time constraints threaten the ability of associations to deliver content and resources to their members. So while there is an urgent need for valuable interactive opportunities, there is certainly no room for amateurs when it comes to the planning, execution and generation of positive results. That's why more and more clients have selected PAR to handle their meetings and conferences.

The Experience 

With PAR, a client knows that everything that must be done will be done, and by pros who've done it successfully many times before. From the up-front planning to post event analysis and customized reporting, the staff at PAR has experience in a wide variety of shows, meetings, conferences and other events. We also understand that more than ever before there is a desired and required business balance between the above-the-line success of an event and the below-the-line results from it. And no one else is more proficient in managing to achieve that positive balance than the pros at PAR.

Event Planning

Coordination & Planning

Timeline Development & Oversight

Online, Customizable & Tailored Registration

Database Integration

Pre-Conference Communications

Venue Interfacing

Volunteer Coordination

Conference Marketing Materials

Offsite Conference Activities

Post Event Reporting

Contract Negotiation

Association Awards Logistics

A/V Managemen